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To Replace or Not to Replace...

A common question when a bathroom sink or kitchen faucet is not performing properly is, "Should I repair or replace the faucet?" During any residential or commercial faucet’s life cycle, it may leak, clog, or have a low flow. These are common disturbances for any water fixture. Therefore, we at The Chicago Faucet Shoppehave come up with some ideas that can help better determine whether to repair or replace a faucet that is not working properly.
How old is your faucet? The age of the faucet is important as the faucet may have met the end of its life cycle. Ten to 15 years is a great life for a faucet, and some can last longer. However, if you are experiencing problems with your faucet, it is possible that age and use could have taken its toll. You may want to replace the faucet if it is old or if the cost of the parts for repair are somewhat expensive. You don't want to throw too much money at an old faucet that may have run its course.
How much are parts? If age is not a fac…

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